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Prof. Mayadhar Swain

Water Resource Development [email protected]  
Prof. Chinmoy Kumar Panigrahi
Application of A.I. Techniques for Generation Scheduling, Smart Grid Energy System, FACTS Controller [email protected] View Profile
Dr. Prafulla Chandra Panda
Professor Emeritus
FACTS Controller, Power Quality, Power System Stability [email protected] View Profile
Prof. Himansu Sekhar Rauth
Dean, Renewable Energy Projects
Renewable Energy & Electrical Power System [email protected] View Profile
Prof. Abhijit Dasgupta Inverters, Energy System [email protected] View Profile
Prof. Ullash Kumar Rout Energy & Environment, Power System [email protected]
Prof. Sarat Ch. Swain Application of A.I. Techniques, FACTS Devices, Power System Stability Improvement. PV Modeling, Grid Interconnection [email protected] View Profile

Prof. Manoj Kumar Maharana Power System Operation and Control, Soft Computing, Smart Grid [email protected] View Profile
Prof. Byamakesh Nayak Solar System, Buck Boost Inverter, Control of Machine [email protected] View Profile
Prof. Sayed Majid Ali Energy System [email protected]  
Prof. Rabindra Kumar Mohanty Power System [email protected] View Profile
Prof. Bhagabat Panda Power Quality [email protected] View Profile
Prof. Srikanta Mohapatra Inverters, PV Charging Applications [email protected] View Profile
Prof. Rudra Narayan Senapati Smart Grid & UPFC [email protected] View Profile
Prof. Swagatika Sahoo DC Motor Drive [email protected]
Prof. Alivarani Mohapatra Control System, Solar Shading Effect & MPPT [email protected]
Prof. Subrat Behera Direct Torque Control, Induction Motor Drive [email protected] View Profile
Prof. Subrat Kumar Barik Wind Power System [email protected] View Profile
Prof. Lipika Nanda Multilevel Inverter, PV System [email protected] View Profile
Prof. Sriparna Roy Ghatak Load Flow studies, Smart Grid, Distributed Generation [email protected] View Profile
Prof. Banishree Misra Power Electronics, Wind Energy System [email protected] View Profile
Prof. Sarita Samal PV to Grid Interconnection, Finding New MPPT algorithm [email protected] View Profile
Prof. Babita Panda PV to Grid interconnection system [email protected] View Profile
Prof. Shobha Agarwal AC Machine Drives [email protected] View Profile
Prof. Rudra Narayan Dash Fault Diagnosis of IM using AI Techniques [email protected] View Profile
Prof. Shubhasri Kundu Navigation of Mobile Robot or Controller, Design of Robotic System [email protected] View Profile
Prof. Arjyadhara Pradhan Solar Energy [email protected] View Profile
Prof. Suchismita Roy Induction Motor Drive [email protected] View Profile
Prof. Mousumi Mishra PV System [email protected]
Prof. K. V. V. S. R. Chowdary Power Electronic Applications [email protected] View Profile
Prof. Chitralekha Jena Solar Energy, Converters, Generation Scheduling [email protected] View Profile
Prof. Satyaranjan Jena Solar Energy & Power Electronics [email protected] View Profile
Prof. Jyotismita Mishra   [email protected]
Prof. Satyabrata Sahoo Active and Reactive Power Control [email protected] View Profile
Prof. Pratyusha Mohapatra Load flow, Load Forecasting [email protected]
Prof. Tanmoy Roy Choudhury DC-DC Converter & its Application [email protected] View Profile
Prof. Soubhagya Ranjan Prusty Control on Fly back Converter so[email protected] View Profile
Prof. Rakesh Kumar Panda   [email protected]
Prof. Ritesh Gupta   [email protected]
Prof. Tapas Roy Multi-level Inverter, Smart Grid, LABVIEW [email protected] View Profile
Prof. Sanhita Mishra Power System Operation, Generation Scheduling [email protected] View Profile
Prof. Samita Rani Pani Distribution System Reliability, Renewable Energy [email protected] View Profile
Prof. Pallav Kumar Bera Power System Protection (Transformer) [email protected]
Prof. Kamisetti N.V. Prasad Advanced PWM Control Techniques, PMBLDC Drives [email protected] View Profile
Prof. Subodh Kumar Mohanty Power System Protection, Load Flow Analysis [email protected] View Profile
Prof. Prashnajit Behera Small Hydro Power Station, Fuel Cell [email protected] View Profile
Prof. Rasmita Muduli Distributed Generation, Load Flow Studies, P & Q Control [email protected] View Profile
Prof. Subhendu Bikash Santra DC to DC converter, Smart Grid, Multilevel Inverter [email protected] View Profile
Prof. Anand Wind, Solar, Nuclear, Geothermal, Biomass & other alternate energy forms [email protected] View Profile
Prof. J. Surekha Load Flow Studies, Power System Analysis, Power System Protection [email protected] View Profile
Prof. Shivanagouda Biradar Design of Robust Algorithms, Optimization algorithms, Model order reduction and Monte-Carlo simulation  [email protected]
Prof. Pampa Sinha Power Quality [email protected] View Profile
Prof. Meda Revathi Electric Drives and Power Electronics [email protected] View Profile
Prof. Snehalika Power Electronics [email protected] View Profile

Prof.Tapaswini Biswal

Power System Engineering

[email protected]

View Profile
Ms. Bulbul Sharma Multilevel Inverter, Converter [email protected] View Profile
Ms. Jagriti Dey Power System Engineering [email protected] View Profile